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Waking up in the midst of a stormy night, a gray tabby named Biscuit finds his mom nowhere in sight. Feel what it is like to be Biscuit as he searches for his mom through the memories he has clung onto.

Travel through a vast forest and rummage through items and documents to learn about the events that transpired. Unlock new mechanics as you experience important story moments.

Etched Memories is a first-person and third-person indie, horror, and cat simulation game. Switch perspectives at the click of a button, depending on your preference. This demo is intended to provide players a glimpse of what the full game will be like once development is complete.


A message from the devs: Etched Memories has an optional, semi-open world hiking feature where players can just enjoy nature and explore if they choose to do so. For players who prefer a straightforward, "linear" path, they may follow the clues provided to proceed through the main story more quickly. In the full version of the game, there will be special locations and easter eggs throughout the map that can be discovered from hiking around. However, please note that the demo will not have these features and the forest will not be as populated. We are a team of two people who will continue to work hard to provide you with a positive gaming experience.

To access the "In-Game Files" tab, a secret code is required. This code can be found while playing through the demo.

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